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In today's society the desire to feel secure is an integral part of the basic needs of every individual. From the owner of a small business to the CEO of Fortune 500 corporation, it is important to provide that basic feeling of security, and what better way to accomplish that then through CCTV integration throughout your facility. Even schools are increasing security and using top camera manufacturers to protect their students, faculty, and staff.


Through proper integration, individuals can manage their CCTV system on a direct monitor or remotely through secured Internet access. The integration of analog and IP based cameras has never been so simple and new hybrid network video recorders can connect your existing security network with new IP based cameras.


With access control, you can deny or permit use of a certain resource by many different means. Proximity readers, smart pin pads, biometrics, and sensor pads are just a few of the ways in which one can keep their protected areas protected. With printable reports and connection to fire alarm, intrusion, and closed circuit television networks, access control can alert you of any problems at your facility even if you're miles away. You've worked for your investments, let Advance Sound Company work to keep those investments safe.


Just the sight of a camera can deter negative actions, but our goal is to design a system that will work – dummy cameras can help, but when something goes wrong there is nothing that will protect you and your assets. With Advance Sound Company, we can design a system that will satisfy your security requirements, while affording you the comfort of having a technical and customer service staff backing the functionality of your system.


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